Building Blocks Life Coaching

Building Blocks Life Coaching
1/51 Parer Road, Airport West, Airport West, Victoria 3042

Our Mission

“Our aim is to create a strong foundation to help those living with disabilities reach developmental milestones & achieve their utmost quality of life. We also seek to bolster a durable structure with their families & support networks and create framework to achieve widespread success. We strive to accomplish these aims with first class services for everyone we encounter”


Our Values

Building Blocks Life Coaching believes in the importance of opportunity. The neuro-typical & able-bodied often have the opportunity to visit the shops, watch a film at the movies, attend a concert, play at the park… the list goes on. ‘Opportunity’ is an interesting concept for those of us living without disabilities – it can be easy to take many of these simple occasions for granted by not realising the profound power they hold. This benefit isn’t merely in the enjoyment of these activities as there is also development of behaviours and skills from just participating in these activities. The in-opportunity for inclusion in these pastimes can create a never ending cycle in which skill deficiency or challenging behaviours leads to less engagement in growth events and the gap perpetually widens.


Domestic and home help, Personal care, Respite, Social activities, Support worker
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