About Autism Pathways

Autism Pathways is the peak body for all things ABA-for-Autism. Our core service is training. Each year we train over 700 people in behavioural principals including hundreds of educators, allied health professionals, disability support workers and autism parents.

Autism Pathways-trained therapists go on to support thousands of Australian families. They work with individuals in family homes, in autism and child-care centres, at schools, and in community settings. Across the country on a daily basis, ABA therapists support autistic individuals’ learning and development as well as the family unit.

Other major activities offered by our organisation are ABA Today (biennial conference), ABA Exchange (PD opportunities for ABA clinicians), and the ABA Round Table (a clinical practice group for ABA Service Providers). We are a membership organisation and the value of becoming an ABA member is self-evident. Visit our membership page for more information or to become a member today.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

The mission of Autism Pathways is to advocate for better therapies and services for those on the autism spectrum, supported by a range of training advice and courses.

We aim to be:

A strong public voice for fact-based therapies and support services for those on the autism spectrum and their families.  Providing thought leadership, driving policy development, influencing industry change, and building philanthropic support.

An authoritative source of training advice, courses and events.  Meeting the needs of families, therapists and medical professionals.  Providing great opportunities for professional development for therapists and medical professionals.

We are Not-for-Profit

Autism Pathways is proudly non-profit. Philanthropic funding and donations are used to develop much needed programs and support services, always with the purpose of supporting and benefiting individuals (and families) with autism.

To donate to Autism Pathways, please click here. Every donation to Autism Pathways helps to improve the reach and delivery of our training programs, support services and advocacy work.

Our History

Autism Pathways was formed in 1997 by a group of parents who sought the best and most positive developmental outcomes for their child. (Very much like you are seeking now). These parents identified Applied Behavioural Analysis as the most effective option; and as one of the few evidenced-based treatments. With great foresight, they brought ABA professionals and experts to our shores so training programs, information, and knowledge could be established and shared locally.

Many thousands of individuals and their families have benefited from our founding parents’ foresight. Thousands more will benefit as our organisation continues its work. And as we enter our third decade, we are proud that our current programs continue to honour our original mission which is best-practice support for individuals and families with autism.

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To learn more about how ABA can support you and your child, download our How to Establish an ABA Program ebooklet.

Our Board

Autism Pathways’s Committee of Management meets regularly throughout the year. They oversee governance and ensure operational requirements are fulfilled. A list of Board Members is provided below. If you would like to nominate to join our board, email info@autismpathways.com.au.


Dr Erin Leif

Vice President

Ruth O’Shannassy


Danielle Bodinnar

General Member


Shannon Eeles

General Member