Navigating the NDIS

Autism Pathways is delighted to offer a free webinar series for parents who have a child with autism. Navigating the NDIS informs and up skills. Across six sessions, you will gain practical information and knowledge to better navigate the NDIS and advocate for your child’s needs.

Led by a panel of ABA experts and parents, you’ll learn how to secure funds, write goals, plan for your first meeting. We’ll cover the evidence on early intervention, how to choose a provider, and what to do if you are unhappy with the plan you get.

Watch Webinar Recordings

Session #1: Successfully navigating the NDIS


Session #2: Joining the NDIS (Your Child’s First Plan)


Session #3: What’s the evidence on early intervention for autism?

Click here to download the PowerPoint Presentation.


Session #4: Choosing the right therapy provider


Session #5: Not happy with your plan? Navigating the NDIS internal review process.


Webinar #6: Not happy with your internal review? What happens at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal?


Navigating the NDIS: Parent Advocacy Pack

This advocacy pack was created for parents and families trying to access or intending to access best-practice early intervention for a young child with autism.

We sincerely thank Westpac Foundation for funding the pack and Minter Ellison for reviewing the pack.

Click here to download the information kit.