Our ABA therapist training programs are suitable for anyone interested in working as an ABA Therapist & for families who want to implement an ABA program. They are also suitable for university students wanting to understand foundational behavioural principles and strategies to aid their work practices and better support children in their care.

Our face-to-face and online courses are well (and regularly) attended by psychology, education, OT, and speech pathology students. They are also attended by individuals wanting to retrain or take their career in a new direction (e.g. carers, disability support workers, early childhood educators).

Often primary school and early childhood educators attend the training, not to become ABA Therapists but to extend their professional knowledge on behavioural principals. We do however offer educator specific training and facilitate PDs and workshops tailored to the needs of schools and kindergartens.

Parent ABA Therapist  Educator

Allied Health Professional         Behaviour Support Practitioner