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ABA as a response to autism began with Dr Ivar Lovass with his landmark (1987) study: Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children (see link below). An early pioneer of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Lovass is often considered the father of ABA for autism.

One of Dr Lovass’ key legacies is the understanding that three key variables produce the best outcomes for autistic children. These are: early intervention, intensive treatment, and parental/family involvement. These three principles continue to underpin best-practice ABA in Australia and globally.

The three-plus decades of ABA/autism research (and the thousands of papers and books) means we can’t possibly list them all here. To aid decision-making and knowledge-building we’ve listed some of the most important in the table below. We hope you enjoy learning from the selection provided.

Our organisation also has a physical resource library located in our Maling Road, Canterbury (Melbourne) office. Members can access all items at no cost. The current catalogue has 637 ABA/autism items. These include books, CDs, DVDs, sensory items, educational toys, software, and iPads. Click here to download a copy of our library catalogue. Borrowing hours are 9:30-3:00pm, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Enquiries to (03) 9830 0677 or email

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Older ABA Research Papers & Journal Articles

Funding Information

Industry Position Papers / Opinion Pieces

Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (2017) Identifying Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions 

Mary Beth Walsh (2011) The Top 10 Reasons Children With Autism Deserve ABA

Autism Peak Bodies (Information, Support, Advocacy )

Autism Peak Bodies (Information, Support, Advocacy )

Autism Awareness Australia – autism advocacy body

Autism speaks – autism advocacy body

Amaze – the peak body for people on the spectrum and their supporters in Victoria.

Association for Behaviour Analysis  – peak body dedicated to promoting the theoretical, experimental, and applied analysis of behaviour across a broad range of applications within Australia

Carers Australia – peak body that supports disability carers

Autism Pathways Publications

Behaviourally Speaking (What is ABA?): Peggy Hailstone (2012)

ABA – How, Why & What for? (parental involvement in ABA for autism): Peggy Hailstone (2012)

Debunking ABA Myths & Misconceptions, Kim Sheppard (2012); What, Where, When & Why 

Exploring Service Provision in Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Victoria Systematic Review & Research Report, Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental), Mari Horiguchi; Faculty of Education, Monash University October 2014

ABA Census, 2013: Who’s doing ABA in Australia?

The ABA Census will be re-done in April 2020.

Parliamentary Inquiries/Government Papers

Parliament of Victoria: Inquiry into services for people with autism – Final report (June 2017) +Autism Pathways’s Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry – click here

Senate Select Committee Inquiry into autism

ABA Today 2021 Keynote Presentations

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Our keynote speakers have generously offered to share their slides with ABA Today conference attendees. Please do not reproduce any materials on the slides without express permission from the author

Keynote by Dr Lina Slim

Title: Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practices for Effective Autism Treatment Lina Slim Keynote slides

Keynote by Dr Peter Gerhardt

Title: Realising the Potential of Applied Behavior Analysis to Improve Outcomes in Adolescents and Young Adults with Autism Peter Gerhardt Keynote Slides

Keynote by Dr Adithyan Rajaraman

Title: Embedding Choice into Assessment and Treatment of Challenging Behaviour: The Enhanced Choice Model Adithyan Rajaraman Keynote Slides