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ABA-for-autism began with Dr Ivar Lovass with his landmark (1987) study: Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children (see link below). An early pioneer of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Lovass is often considered the father of ABA for autism.

One of Dr Lovass’ key legacies is the understanding that three key variables produce the best outcomes for autistic children. These are: early intervention, intensive treatment, and parental/family involvement. These three principles continue to underpin best-practice ABA in Australia and globally.

The three-plus decades of ABA/autism research (and the thousands of papers and books) means we can’t possibly list them all here. To aid decision-making and knowledge-building we’ve listed some of the most important. We hope you enjoy and learn from the selection provided.

Our organisation also has a physical resource library located in our Maling Road, Canterbury (Melbourne) office. Members can access all items at no cost. The current catalogue has 637 ABA/autism items. These include books, CDs, DVDs, sensory items, educational toys, software, and iPads. Click here to download a copy of our library catalogue. Borrowing hours are 9:30-3:00pm, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Enquiries to (03) 9830 0677 or email info@autismpathways.com.au.

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