Why do parent training?

In short, to improve your child’s behaviour and create calm. Multiple academic studies show that parents trained in ABA effectively improve their child’s behaviour. And who wouldn’t want that!

The common misconception is that ‘parent’ and ‘training’ in the same sentence implies a lack of education or knowledge. Our experience is that parents of children with autism are some of the most highly informed and highly educated folk we know. 

So rather than educating or informing, ABA parent training deals with the practicalities of autism. It shows how to respond proactively and tactically to your child’s behaviours, traits, and patterns. And it helps you respond in a way that works for you, while simultaneously aiding their development. 

ABA parent training is about learning specific techniques to deal with everyday issues: tantrums, non-compliance, absconding, hitting. It’s about gaining skills to help your child with toilet-training, eating, anxiety, sensory overload. It’s about learning different and distinctive ways of communicating so your child’s needs (and yours) can be met. 

And with three delivery methods, there’s an ABA parent training session to suit your circumstances.

  • Is ABA right for me and my child?

    Live Streamed
    Parents considering ABA based supports for their child
    Various dates in 2023
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    This 2-hour introductory course is for parents and family members who would like to learn more about ABA-based therapy.

  • First Steps for Parents

    Live Streamed
    Various dates in 2023
    1 DAY plus 2hr Follow Up.
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    First Steps for Parents is a course for parents who are on a waitlist to access services and/or who are wanting to learn more about practical evidence-based support strategies for use at home.

  • Foundations of ABA

    Live Streamed
    Parents, Guardians, Carers, Siblings and extended Family Members
    Various dates in 2023
    3 Day Training
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    This introductory Applied Behaviour Analysis Course will lead to a greater understanding of ABA and is suitable for parents, guardians, siblings or extended family members.

    Previously known as: Level 1 ABA Therapist Training

  • Making it Work as an ABA Therapist (Online)

    Parents and Carers
    Anytime, with 24/7 access for 45-days
    30hrs ( 19 modules)
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    This course makes little and big lives function better: at home, in the playground, on an outing. Suitable for parents or extended family members.