Why become an ABA therapist?

Because families with autism need you! Because it’s a rewarding career and because there is a shortage of ABA Therapists in Australia.

Typically families embark on an ABA program as an early intervention measure, however ABA can be applied across the life span.

The role of the ABA therapist is pivotal in helping individuals with autism learn how to learn. Supported by a highly-skilled and highly-educated team, ABA therapists work daily with individuals with autism: teaching, educating, guiding, supporting, coaching.

As a trained ABA therapist you’ll share responsibility for delivering the ABA curriculum, which has been tailored specifically for the child in your care. This means you’ll play a significant role in each child’s learning and development. For anyone who loves kids, there is perhaps no better reward. But don’t just take it from us, let’s hear what existing ABA therapists have to say …

With NDIS funding for autism, there’s currently a copious amount of work and a corresponding shortage of ABA therapists. Choose your hours, work days, work location, and families by working as a self-employed therapist. Or find employment with an ABA Service Provider or disability agency and reap the rewards that come with employment. Either way, there’s an option that suits and a job with your name on it.

And with three training delivery methods, there’s an ABA therapy training session to suit your circumstances.

Tailored insurance for ABA therapists

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  • Making it Work as an ABA Therapist (Online)

    Students, career changers, allied health and disability support workers
    Start anytime
    30hrs ( 19 modules )
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    With 19 modules and 30 hours of training, Making it Work as an ABA Therapist is a jam packed training that you can complete when suits you and your schedule. This e-learning, self paced training will equip you with all the needed skills to receive your certificate of completion and begin working as a ABA Therapist!

    Suitable for university students, career changers, educators/aides, allied health, and disability support workers.

    Modules to be completed during the courses are as follows; Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis, Intro to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Working with Families of individuals with autism, behavioural challenges of Autism, reinforcement schedules, stimulus control, data collection, behaviour and decisions, decreasing behaviour, shaping and chaining, teaching expressive language, functional assessment and behaviour intervention plans, naturalistic teaching strategies, teaching receptive language skills, increasing behaviour, imitation and joint attention, session delivery, discrete trial instruction – induction, discrete trial instruction – implementation.

    With 24/7 access for 45-days, you’re purchasing total control of your learning schedule and pace.

    With a shortage of ABA therapists in Australia, this is a great time to train to become a therapist. Kick start your new career in a rewarding role!

    Course requirements: a PC or laptop and a fast internet connection.


  • Foundations of ABA

    Live Streamed
    Students, Career Changers, Allied Health and Disability Support Workers
    January 2023 onwards, Click Register Now for Dates
    3 Day Training
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    Previously known as: Level 1 ABA Therapist Training

    This introductory Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist course opens the door to a career in (or greater understanding of) ABA. As a facilitator-led course, you can expect group discussion-based activities, role plays, interactive tasks, flexibility in the delivery of content and the opportunity to get all your questions answered by one of our highly skilled facilitators. Taught over three days, this course comes with a training manual including slides, workshop handouts and additional references and resources to continue to kick-start your ABA knowledge.

    Enrol today for our interactive & facilitator-led course for Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist Training, that consists of 21hrs of training over 3 days, covering 11 different modules!

    Modules covered are: About Autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Applications of ABA (Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention, ABA in schools), Principles of ABA (Operational Definitions, Three Part Contingency, Reinforcement, Shaping), Intervention Planning and Assessment Processes (Data Collection, Assessment in ABA), Functional Assessment, Behaviour Intervention Plans, Curriculum and Programming, Task Analysis, Generalisation, Discrete Trial Teaching, Prompting, The role of a Behaviour Therapist.

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    Course requirements: a PC or laptop, an internet connection, and access to a printer. 

  • Beyond the Basics

    Live Streamed
    ABA therapists, allied health practitioners, disability support workers with a foundational knowledge of ABA and 12 months practical experience.
    February 2023 Onwards. Click Register Now for Dates
    2 Day Training
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    Previously known as: Level 2 ABA Therapist Training

    This intermediate course aims to further upskill therapists and allied health professionals by improving understanding of how ‘in the moment’ teaching and supports within an ABA approach are tailored to the individual. Through a series of vignette-based activities, role plays and interactive tasks, this facilitator-led course takes a deeper dive into many concepts covered in the Foundations of ABA course. A training manual including slides, workshop handouts and additional references to support your ongoing learning is included.

    Enrol today for our intermediate therapist training to further upskill yourself, that consists of 14hrs of training over 2 days, covering a variety of modules!

    Modules covered are: Key Principles and Philosophy, Goal Selection and Prioritisation, Progressive Aspects of ABA, Chaining, Shaping and Fading Reinforcement, Behavioural Skills Training, Assent and Engagement in Learning, Thinking Functionally (a therapy skill for every moment), Preference Assessments, Non-Contingent Reinforcement and Instructional Choice, Perspective on Research in ABA.

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    Course requirements: a PC or laptop, an internet connection, and access to a printer. 

  • Best practices for Supporting Learners with Autism

    This course is currently unavailable
    Live Streamed
    Non-ABA based autism professionals, allied health practitioners, disability support practitioners.
    February 2023 onwards, Click Register Now for Dates
    1 Day
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    This course will best serve those who are Non-ABA based autism professionals, allied health practitioners or disability support practitioners.

    This one-day course has been specifically designed for allied health and disability practitioners who are looking for practical, evidence-informed strategies to help children with autism learn and thrive. Through a mix of facilitator-led lessons and small group activities, you will learn practical strategies for creating safe and fun learning contexts, teaching new skills, and preventing and responding to behaviours of concern. Finally, you will learn ways use a data-based problem solving model to identify and address potential barriers to learning.

    Throughout the course day you will learn more about making positive reinforcement work for you and your learner, Teaching strategies for supporting learning, Thinking functionally about behaviour whilst be able to ask questions along the way.

    Enrol today for our Best Practices for Supporting Learners with Autism to equip yourself with evidence-based practices to support autistic learners.