I’m a trained teacher, why do I need ABA training?

ABA adds to your teaching repertoire. It trains you how to observe, unpack, and manage behaviour. It teaches you how to do this objectively, appropriately, and effectively. And with more and more children presenting with autism, there’s never been a bigger need.

Every educator we’ve come across wants to create a positive engaging classroom. One that fosters independence and growth, and develops students’ knowledge, skill, ability. The factor that most hinders this is challenging behaviours.

ABA educator training is regularly met with, “why wasn’t I taught this earlier”. Well, it’s never too late to learn new ways of doing and being. Our educator training is available in a range of formats. Read on to find the course topic and format that best suits your needs.

  • Online Educator Modules

    Teachers, teacher aides and specialist support staff
    Start Anytime
    Choose from one of three modules—Managing ASD in the Classroom, Behaviour Management, Social Skills—or buy the bundle and do all three.
    Educator Bundle (All 3 Modules):
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    Managing ASD in the classroom:
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    Behaviour Management:
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    Social Skills:
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    Modules are suitable for educators and support staff working at primary level or in an early learning centre or kindergarten.

  • Making it Work in the Classroom (Early Childhood/Primary)

    In Person
    Teachers, teacher aides and specialist support staff
    Upon Request
    1 Day
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    Find out more about our Making it Work in the Classroom course to build your capacity to support autistic students.

  • ASD Tailored Presentation

    In Person
    Teachers, Teacher Aides and Specialist Support Staff
    Upon request
    Request a Tailored Presentation

    Expect your educators to come away more knowledgeable about ASD, challenging behaviours, and social skills. Suitable for whole-of-school staff, or a particular year or teaching cohort.