I’m a trained teacher, why do I need ABA training?

ABA adds to your teaching repertoire. It trains you how to observe, unpack, and manage behaviour. It teaches you how to do this objectively, appropriately, and effectively. And with more and more children presenting with autism, there’s never been a bigger need.

Every educator we’ve come across wants to create a positive engaging classroom. One that fosters independence and growth, and develops students’ knowledge, skill, ability. The factor that most hinders this is challenging behaviours.

As teachers, it’s easy to inadvertently reinforce a negative behaviour. We ask Jack to leave the room because of his behaviour. We don’t realise he was trying to avoid a difficult task, which means the chosen response (leave room) acts as a reinforcement. He learns that acting out can get him out of doing a task.

Or we miss a pattern. Using ABA we observe and document Harrison’s behaviour over a number of days. The data shows that his outbursts always occur between 10:00am-10:30am. We learn he doesn’t get breakfast at home. We understand the outbursts are occurring because he’s hungry.

These and other examples are why our ABA educator training is regularly met with, “why wasn’t I taught this earlier”. Well, it’s never too late to learn new ways of doing and being. Our educator training is available in a range of formats. Read on to find the course topic and format that best suits your needs.

Due to COVID19, all face-to-face educator training sessions are now delivered via live stream (facilitator led) or through our e-learning platforms.

  • ASD Tailored Presentation

    In Person
    Teachers, Teacher Aides and Specialist Support Staff
    As Requested
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    Available via Livestreamed OR Face-to-Face, bookings upon request.

    Need multiple educators informed or upskilled? You may be looking at building staff capacity in secondary, primary, kindergarten or long day care settings for whole-of-school staff, a particular year level or teaching cohort. Autism Pathways can provide tailored, facilitator-led, online or face-to-face presentations covering many different aspects of ABA-based inclusive supports for students with autism.

    Topics may range from developing a solid understanding of core principles of SWPBS, improving social skill supports and instruction or understanding and responding to behaviour.

    Suitable for whole-of-school staff, or a particular year or teaching cohort. Expect your educators to come away more knowledgeable about ASD, challenging behaviours, and social skills.

    Enquire today about our ‘Autism School Presentation’ Training to upskill your autism, challenging behaviours, and social skills knowledge.

    Course requirements: we supply the course facilitator and presentation handouts in digital copies.

  • Online Educator Modules

    Teachers, teacher aides and specialist support staff
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    Educator Bundle (All 3 Modules):
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    Managing ASD in the classroom:
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    Behaviour Management:
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    Social Skills:
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    Choose from one of three modules—Managing ASD in the Classroom, Behaviour Management, Social Skills—or buy the bundle and do all three.

    APST-aligned with a certificate of completion for annual registration requirements. These content packed and super practical sessions are available 24/7 for 14 days.

    Modules are suitable for educators and support staff working at primary level or in an early learning centre or kindergarten.

    Course requirements: a PC or laptop and an internet connection.

  • Making it Work in the Classroom (Early Childhood/Primary)

    In Person
    Teachers, teacher aides and specialist support staff
    As Requested
    1 Day
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    Available via Livestreamed OR Face-to-Face, bookings upon request.

    Enquiry today about our Making it Work in the Classroom course to build your capacity to support autistic students.

    Embedded with ABA principles and aligned to APST standards 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 4.1 and 4.3, this one-day course builds capacity to provide quality supports for students with autism and other neurodiverse conditions. Alongside a series of lecture-style modules, you will draw on your own experiences with students to develop a case example and apply the principles being discussed. Expect to come away with an understanding of function based supports and how social skills instruction can be used to support school engagement. This course contributes 6 PD points toward your annual registration.

    During this course we will cover modules such as: Autism in the classroom, Responding to Challenging behaviour, Motivational Strategies, Promoting and Teaching Social Skills.

    Course requirements: we supply the course facilitator and presentation handouts in digital copies.

  • 3 Hour Workshops

    This course is currently unavailable
    Live Streamed
    Teachers, teacher aides and specialist support staff
    3hrs Training via livestream
    Suspended until further notice

    Do you have a child with autism in your classroom?

    Is he having trouble following instructions? Is she displaying challenging behaviours? Are social and communication skills an issue?

    If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Autism Pathways’s 3HR workshops for Educators can help.

    3HR workshop: Behaviour Management | Livestream via ZOOM | TBA

    APST-aligned, these three hour workshops build educators’ capacity to teach students with a disability. Participants gain PD points toward their annual PD requirement.

    Suitable for teachers, teacher aides, and specialist support staff within mainstream or specialist schools; as well as ELC and kindergarten educators.

    Note: We can also deliver this course offsite (at your premises) for ten or more educators. Email info@autismpathways.com.au to get a no-cost quotation.