Course Description

This course has been specifically designed for parents who are looking for practical strategies to use to support their child at home and in community settings. An initial full-day will be led by a skilled facilitator and will focus on strategies that you can use to support your child’s communication and language development, teach daily living skills (like bathing, eating, and dressing), and prevent and respond to behaviours of concern. A few weeks later, a shorter session gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive more advice on how to support your child using the strategies introduced in the workshop.

Who is it for?

Parents who are on a waitlist to access services and/or who are wanting to learn more about practical evidence-based support strategies for use at home.
1 full day, plus a 2 hour follow-up session
Live Streamed


  • Understanding and using positive reinforcement
  • Breaking skills down for teaching
  • Prompting to support learning
  • Thinking functionally about behaviour