Responding to autism isn’t easy

But your response to this call to action is. Simply complete the form below, press submit, and wait to receive your tax deductible receipt.

Your gift enables autism training for parents, educators, therapists, support workers, husbands, wives, grandparents, and friends (people like you and I). It builds the capacity for more effective, more compassionate, more conscious responses to those on the spectrum.

And your gift supports our imagining, which is for a world where personhood trumps personality, and diversity supplants disability. Our imagining is for a world where each of us is able to respond skillfully to someone whose brain is wired a little differently, who’s sensory input hits different chords, whose interests and communication style contrasts with our own.

Each year our imagining results in the upskilling of some 700 Victorians. These individuals go on to work as behaviour therapists or they support children for whom they have Duty of Care. These regular Australians positively change the way people with autism are seen and supported, which ultimately changes the individual’s life opportunities.

Donate today. Help us make little and big lives a little easier.