Learn to Shine

Learn to Shine
Learn to Shine
5/153-155 Rooks Rd, Vermont, 3133
Exciting news!! Learn to Shine has availability for new clients in our ABA programs at both our Vermont and Lilydale clinics!
Utilizing the science of behaviour analysis and applying its characteristics – we focus on the effective teaching of learning behaviours – so our clients learn how to, learn, problem solve and ultimately advocate for themselves. We break down skills into components and teach each component, leading to skill development. This can be in areas of communication, social skills, play or life skills and academic skills.
We also offer educational and behavioural support to clients.
We work with children and young people with developmental delay, ASD, ODD, ADHD, Anxiety, Specific Learning Disorders, and those with a trauma profile.
Most importantly here at Learn to Shine, we are led by the child’s interest and passion, combined with the child’s and families’ values and goals.
Our programs use a Pivotal Response Treatment approach, using motivational teaching methods, and follow each child’s individual interests to promote engagement and learning.
If you are interested or would like a free 20-minute information session, please contact us on 0434 931 091 or learntoshineacc@gmail.com.




Ages Supported

Ages 2-18

Home or Centre Based
Home, Centre, School
Pre-School/ School Consultations
Yes, Pre-School, Primary, Secondary
Psychology, counselling, behaviour support, Skills support - school, work, life, Social activities
Psychological Assessments/ Consultations
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