Course Description

This intermediate course aims to further upskill therapists and allied health professionals by improving understanding of how ‘in the moment’ teaching and supports within an ABA approach are tailored to the individual. Through a series of vignette-based activities, role plays and interactive tasks, this facilitator-led course takes a deeper dive into many concepts covered in the Foundations of ABA course. A training manual including slides, workshop handouts and additional references to support your ongoing learning is included.

Who is it for?

ABA therapists, allied health practitioners, disability support workers with a foundational knowledge of ABA and 12 months practical experience.
14 hours (2 full days)
$438.90 $385.00


  • Key Principles and Philosophy
  • Goal Selection and Prioritisation
  • Progressive Aspects of ABA
  • Chaining
  • Shaping and Fading Reinforcement
  • Behavioural Skills Training
  • Assent and Engagement in Learning
  • Thinking Functionally (a therapy skill for every moment)
  • Preference Assessments
  • Non-Contingent Reinforcement and Instructional Choice
  • Perspective on Research in ABA