Course Description

With a shortage of ABA therapists in Australia, this is a great time to train to become a therapist. This introductory Applied Behaviour Analysis course offers you the opportunity to learn essential skills before commencing your supervised work as an ABA therapist. Including 19 modules and 30 hours of training, Making it Work as an ABA Therapist gives you 24/7 access for 45-days allowing you time and flexibility in transitioning to working as a therapist.

Who is it for?

Students, Career Changers, Allied Health and Disability Support Workers
30 hours of training


  • Introduction to autism
  • Working with families of individuals with autism
  • Behavioural challenges of autism
  • Introduction to ABA
  • Using reinforcement
  • Evidence-informed teaching strategies – discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching, shaping, chaining
  • Teaching new skills, including expressive and receptive language, joint attention, and imitation
  • Introduction to functional behaviour assessment and behaviour support plans